2010 BFA with distinction, Ceramics, Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgary, Alberta                         
2010 BFA with distinction, Print Media, Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgary, Alberta


2015- Present - President, Alberta Potters' Association
2014  Board Member (Director), Alberta Potters' Association          
2009-10 Volunteer Technician, Alberta Printmakers Society, Calgary, Alberta
2008-10 Print Media Student Monitor, Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgary, Alberta


2015  Česky Porcelán, Dubi, Czech Republic
2015  Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Koka City, Japan


2016 Head in the Clouds, Solo Exhibition, Blue Rock Gallery, Black Diamond, Alberta (Upcoming Nov 2016)
2016 Get a Handle on It, Solo Exhibition, Alberta Craft Council Discovery Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
2011 Battling the Linear Parade (Collaboration), Sugar Cube Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2010 The Unbearable Existence of Mary Mould, Marion Nicoll Gallery +15 Window, Epcor Centre, Calgary,
2009 Three Stories High, Studio Todorovic, Art Central, Calgary, Alberta


2016 A Matter of Clay IV, Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery, London, Ontario
2016 X3: Organizations on the Cutting Edge of Craft, Alberta Craft Council Feature Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
2015 Hrnek 2015, Usti City Museum, Usti, Czech Republic
2015 Hrnek 2015, Regional Museum of Teplice, Teplice, Czech Republic
2012 Inklings of Relativity, North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre, Calgary, Alberta  
2010 Coming Up Next, Discovery Gallery, Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton, Alberta
2010 Untapped! Emerging Artist Competition, The Artist Project, Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place,
          Toronto, ON
2010 20/20 Vision, Alberta Printmaking Society, Calgary, Alberta
2009 Exchange Exhibition of Prints by Young Artists in Japan & Calgary, Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto,


2013 A Cup For You, Interactive Community Ceramics Project,, Calgary, Alberta
2013 Outdoor Mural, Sled Island/Victoria Park BRZ, Calgary, Alberta
2013 Wreck City, House 823, Calgary, Alberta
2010 Alberta Printmaking Society 20th Anniversary Portfolio, Calgary, Alberta


2016 Studio Craft and Design in Canada - Spring/Summer 2016 – Vol. 11 No. 1 (Image Feature on Inside Cover)
2016 Alberta Craft Spring 2016 - Get a Handle on It, Page 7
2016 Alberta Craft Winter 2016 - X3 Organizations on the Cutting Edge of Craft, Pages 6-7
2013 Stephen Magazine Fall 2013 - Rebuilding Wreck City, Pages 6-8, (Image Feature on Back Cover)
2010 Blend Magazine Vol 10 - Where the Wild Things and the Moulds Meet: A Conversation with Mynthia McDaniel by Julia Kreuger,          Pages 12-14


2016 Calgary Arts Development Opportunity Grant
2010 Rondi-Lee Johnson Ceramics Community Scholarship
2009 Louise McKinney Post Secondary Scholarship (Highest GPA)
2009 Print Media Travel Scholarship
2008 Print Media Travel Scholarship
2008 Jason Lang Scholarship for Academic Achievement
2008 Student Legacy Scholarship
2007 Jason Lang Scholarship for Academic Achievement